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1996 GSXR750 New Purchase

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TwistedMister asked me to post some photos of the new-to-me 750. I opened it up yesterday to see it, a '96, has fuel injection. Hmm. It runs and drives, though not great. I see the ECU is a 32900-33E01. The air box is from a carbie, too. Don'g know what the tank tells me, and I don't know what to look gor on thd harness or valve cover. I do know it's a 750 motor (the R...), but I don't see any way to decipher past the 2nd or 3rd digit. In looking at Ebay, just for the ECU, I'm looking at $100 to $250. Plus box, plus, plus, plus. I know my way around carbs, but not FI. Maybe it'd be best to find some carbs?

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Well this is embarrassing, and a relief at the same time. I mistook the setup for fuel injection, but it's not. Looking at it closer and at the manual, what I thought was a fuel rail and injectors are actually VTV's? This is all very new to me, but I'm glad I was wrong...Sorry gang...
Thank you!
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Thanks, can't wait to get into this. It's got some issues, but nothing too bad, I think. Optically it's nice, with the plastic coveralls. Even those are beat up underneath. Oil leak, bad starter solenoid, front forks may need replaced, carbs cleaned (at least), valve clearances need checking, etc
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Like Scarlet Johanson without makeup...
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Thank you for this! Sounds like a good way to spend 2 or 20 hours!
Sorry, you lost me on this complete sentence, " maybe do a direct to battery inline fuse mod and mosfet R/R, Achilles". Can you describe each of these? I am not familiar with any of these...
Thank you for all the tips!
Went to check the oil and , wow! A lot of fuel in there. I had the same issue with my Wagoneer where the float needle got stuck. I'm guessing that is the problem. I saw the #1 carb was full of fuel, as it was on the kickstand, which seems like an excessive angle.
Am I right the petcock is vacuum activated, no on-off, no prime, etc? My Ninja is vacuum activated but it does have a prime button.
Anything else I should consider?
When I lifted the tank and airbox, this came tumbling out. I looked for three ports missing something, but couldn't see anything needing a hose. Can anyone please describe where these go?
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Oh, I think I saw those two nubs, and they weren't looking good at all. I'll take a look later on. Thank you for the info!
Yeah, they were hosed. I was able to create a makeshift solution. I'll take a look at CMSNL for part numbers.
Is there a writeup anywhere explaining the SRAD carbs and how they work? They are so different than any I have worked on. Then again, all the other bikes are from the 80's, except the '93 750SS. The reason I assumed it was a FI conversion was because of the sensor on the right hand side and the way the bowls are connected with what looks like a fuel rail. Weird - to me....
Found that my petcock leaks. That may be why fuel was pooled in the #1 cylinder (collecting in the lowest point in an exaggerated kickstand lean). I can get a new one cheaper than rebuilding.
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So, the old muffler was welded on by someone who makes my welding look pretty good. There were more holes than metal in the pipe and the "muffler" was just a shell.
That is a Thrush Cherry Bomb, yes. It is cheap and in stock at O'Reilly. Before you judge, I grew up in Columbus, Oh, where they put fluoride in the water. It may have had an effect on brain cells responsible for good judgement? It's temporary just so I can keep testing it. It may stay, who knows. Not real keen on spending $400 on a muffler with japanese characters I can't even decipher...

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We'll see lol!
Tried to start it today, but fuel is squirting out the carbs, they will come off to check the floats. I was too eager to hear DaBomb that I hurried....sigh
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