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My GSXR was sitting in the barn for about the last 6-8 weeks without having moved. I had some time and the weather was nice for a day about two weeks ago, so I decided to take her out for a ride. She fired right up without any hesitation, but the front brake pads / calibers were frozen to the rotors. I pushed the bike back and forth, tapped the calibers with a rubber hammer several times, but nothing helped. I finally had the front of my bike pointed towards the street, so I gave a lot of gas and rode the clutch hard to get her going. The brakes finally loosened up after about 100 yards down the street. I had a shop install new front and rear SS braided brake lines with all new banjo fittings, rotors, pads, and they flushed the brake fluid about 8 month / 500 miles ago, so I really don't know why the calipers froze up. This bike has about 5k miles on the clock by now. Is it time to have the calibers rebuild, or is there something (besides riding this bike every week) that I can do to keep this from happening again? I have eight bikes with rotors sitting in the barn, and this is the only bike that this ever happened too. My bike still has the original factory calibers installed, so should I rebuild those, or buy new calibers? I have never worked on calibers, so I don't know the cost involved of rebuilding versus buying new parts.

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