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1992 GSXR 750 gauges

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Hey all, I’m a new rider, and recently inherited a 1992 GSXR 750. I’m super excited to hit the road, but my bike does come with a slight problem that I need some help with...

My speedometer happens to be in KPH only...

As a new rider, I’d much rather have my speed in MPH so I don’t have to worry about learning to ride and doing mental math at the same time.

I was wondering if any of you had any go to places for parts, or if you would know of a suitable replacement off the top of your head. Any help would be much appreciated, and I look forward to becoming a part of this community!
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FYI...this section is not for bike related questions, just like it says at the top of the page.
Take the time to explore the site and find the correct section to post for your model.

'92 750's were the 1st year for water cooled, as well as there were still carry over oil cooled models, depending on which market your bike was intended for.
I don't know what you've got, or the history on your bike.

I would think that something like this would be the easiest...measure your gauge and get a clear overlay.
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