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1992 GSX-R600 Resucitation

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Just picked up a '92 GSX-R 600 for $450. Has the original fairings (left side ground from being laid over by PO), a couple boxes of bits and pieces, and a full SharkSkinz race fairing. It's in rough shape, but runs, and for the price couldn't pass it up. Started tear down already, pulling the emissions stuff (Cali model), been lurking here filling my notebook with ideas and notes.

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Yeah, I already rummaged through all my house, now looking for excuses to have the neighbors invite me in :shifty lol. My daughter suggested hitting up the beading section at a hobby store as they use small bits like that, if I get time this weekend I'll give it a shot. I had planned on changing the float and cap screws all along for ease of maintenance, but also did the rack mounts because every single one of them stripped first try, it's like they make carb screws out of butter. Got excited to get the motor back in the cradle and had my son help, we got the motor jacked in place and the rear bolts in when I realized that the airbox was still sitting on the bench:banghead. Made for a good stopping point for dinner at least. That stupid air box is huge.
Not sure if this helps but on my oiler I run the Bst36mm carbs. Yours look quite similar.

If you want I can get the measurement for the washer if you like???
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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