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1992 GSX-R600 Resucitation

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Just picked up a '92 GSX-R 600 for $450. Has the original fairings (left side ground from being laid over by PO), a couple boxes of bits and pieces, and a full SharkSkinz race fairing. It's in rough shape, but runs, and for the price couldn't pass it up. Started tear down already, pulling the emissions stuff (Cali model), been lurking here filling my notebook with ideas and notes.

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What are your plans for the bike?
I love the white wheels as well!

Great project
Ok, just trying to help, a little late though :-(

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Your a good man!

Is nice to have fellow forum members that are always willing to help.
Your doing a great job bringing it back!
Great Job!

Doesn't it make you appreciate it more when you bring them back from the brink!
1 - 6 of 48 Posts
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