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1992 GSX-R600 Resucitation

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Just picked up a '92 GSX-R 600 for $450. Has the original fairings (left side ground from being laid over by PO), a couple boxes of bits and pieces, and a full SharkSkinz race fairing. It's in rough shape, but runs, and for the price couldn't pass it up. Started tear down already, pulling the emissions stuff (Cali model), been lurking here filling my notebook with ideas and notes.

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You've got your work cut out for you, but people have done alot with much worse...

Lots of valuable info on here, use the Search functions (as I'm sure you've been doing), and don't be afraid to ask when you get stuck...

Welcome... :cheers
That shock is a good choice...feels good to get rid of the stock reservoir, it really cleans things up.

Will you be running an airbox or pods?
They'll get steel braided lines later.
I picked up a set of Goodridge lines from eBay UK a while back...80 bucks, couldn't be happier...

Might want to get a K&L master cylinder rebuild kit while you're at it, they're around $20, mine was nasty...
For whatever reason, I cannot find the part number for that washer on any fiche... :scratch

If I were you, I would look around the house at anything that uses small screws, like electronic devices, etc. Maybe you'll get lucky... :dunno

Good choice on replacing those bolts with allen makes it possible to remove the black slide caps to do needle adjustments with the carbs mounted. Doesn't work so well with Phillips...
... but also did the rack mounts because every single one of them stripped first try, it's like they make carb screws out of butter.
Apparently that's because they use JIS screws, not Phillips:

Mine stripped too, I cranked them off with vice grips and replaced with hex heads, just like yours.

If I ever meet the guy who decided Phillips was a good choice for automotive applications... :bitchslap :lol
Looks great, I love the blue & white colour scheme...reminds me of an old '89 Hurricane I has once.
and you have the bonus of getting to know your bike inside out.

I can never leave things alone for this very reason...
1 - 7 of 48 Posts
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