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1991 GSX-R 750 Revitalizing

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Hello Everyone!

I'm about to start cleaning carbs (maybe replacing carbs), updating breaks, suspension and eventually updating seat with rear seat delete.

Long story long, I purchased my 91' GSXR 750 in the middle of 2008. It had 30k of miles at the time of purchase and I rode it everyday I could in Minnesota for the next 7 years. Bringing rhe mileage up to 44k on the odometer.

Unfortunately, the bike was stolen from my "secure" underground parking in Minneapolis in 2015. Thankfully it was found a couple of weeks later, a county or two away in an Applebees parking lot.

Since then, it's been sitting in a heated garage while waiting to have the ignition swapped for one that doesnt fit the screwdriver used to steal it in the first place. šŸ˜«

First step is cleaning the carbs... Does anyone here suggest to rip the tank off and drop the engine to get deep and dirty?

Any advice as to how to complete that big portion of this project?

Anything helps! I'm a beginner and I'm excited about getting in over my head instead of paying dealership mechanic fees.

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welcome. good to hear you want to repair/rebuild your 91 750.

even though i like oil-cooled gsxr's, i own 5 of them, carbs are finicky and not fun to work with. i'm currently working on two different gsxr carbs at the i'm a bit annoyed with carbs.

chances are that the carbs and tank will have "gummed up" if gas was not drained. so, start by disassembling the carbs and check the fuel tank. i'd dispose of the old gas from the tank, and check for leaks. the carbs will need to be thoroughly cleaned; every circuit/passage will need to be clear for gas and air. otherwise, you will have issues.

my objective would be to get the bike running, then once you have the bike running, then i'd decide if i want to further clean and restore.

keep us posted and good luck.
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