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So, I just got my new Hillclimber back from the fab shop. I need to wire it. I am using a simple system, however, I don't know the first thing about wiring. Can someone Help me out? I have a new battery from Napa Auto Parts, one starter rubber plunger button to start the engine, one Pingle teather deadman switch mounted on the handle bars.

I wanted nothing else on the bike. My thought was that when I start it up, all I would need to do is put the clip into the dedman switch, so my coils would be hot and then just simply push the plunger button to supply power to the stater and it would run.

So, my ??? is this. What size wire do I need to use? Do I need to install any fuses or fusible links and how do I hook up the altenator? How does the battery get regulated. Thanks Guys Art

BTW, if anyone can tell me how to post a picture of my hillclimber on here. I will share it with you. It looks awsome, thanks.
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