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I have had my 750 slingshot since 2013 and I originally bought it off a collector in Norfolk that rarely rode it. The condition of it is pretty dam good and original there are marks, wheels have been painted but well. When I was riding it, it turned heads. still polishes up very well and is a credit to its previous owners! There have been a few upgrades. Screen, levers, bar ends, the seat lock has been moved. I have 20 years of MOT certs I haven’t ridden it for 6 years so it’s been sorn’d. Receipts for work that’s been done and 11 stamps in the book.

I stopped riding as I originally didn’t want to put to many miles on the clock, then bought a new bike. However it developed an issue where it run lovely when moving but when idling it would only tick over on choke. Start easy enough though. It went it for a couple of cleans of carb and checks and the engineer who looked at it finally come to the decision that the pots were the issue. I am not a mechanic! I do not repair my own bikes and due to the fact it’s an old bike and there was more money to be had In repairing newer bikes to rectify and sort the issue was time consuming and the mechanic didn’t have time to repair during the season and I was never motivated to sort it out of season!

All the time I have owned it, it’s never seen rain and it has been stored under a breathable cover under canopy which protects it from the elements but open to ensure air circulation.

its about time now I parted with it so a new owner can enjoy it, show it off and get it running to its former glory!

I am open to offers. Any inspection is welcome

contact 07961969883 or [email protected] for more info


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