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Hello gixxer guru’s,

I’m the happy owner of a old honda cb900fz with shot carbs. Swapping in bst36ss slingshots seem to be a very good upgrade.

So purchased a set bst36ss. Gave them a very good clean and replaced all the o-rings.

Now the needles are very worn and my guess is also the emulsion tubes etc. Now i can’t seem to find a good deal on new Y-5 emulsion tubes they are very expensive. (By the way carbs were sold as 1100cc but the emulsion tubes are y-5 indicating 750’s correct?)

So my question is since te bst36ss carbs are (correct me if wrong) very much the same. Can i just switch in a Katana rebuild set? Wil the emulsion tube fit, swapping from y-5 to y-1? Wil there be any trouble with the main air jet size? Any tuning problems?

- also my slides holes are tapped and put in restrictors. Is this the reason the slides don’t snap shut?


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