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Yo i like this board alot. Just found it a couple of days ago.
I ride two bikes 92 gsxr 750
and my old beast 86 gsxr 1100 modifyed to the tits.
Hand polished the frame still hurt fingers, repainted and new sticker scheme, main upper switched to a cbr900rr 98 then cut out front end to fit 97 750 gsxr light housing, rear sub cut and rebuilt to fit 93 plastic off gsxr battery box and wiring now sits under rear passengers seat, still might stick the 95 gsxr forks on it soon?? machined up race rear sets for it, and some small engine mods so far, Oh and chopped the original exhaust
in halfre welded on a RS-3 oval yoshimura pipe that runs highand curved . The bike looks 1000% better really screws people up when they see it, this was not some hokey put together like some bikes i have seen just going out now to get the old pictures of when i was just satarting the mods. will send in a picture of my baby.(bike)When I started this it got way out of control. Be prepared to if you want to modify your bike and do it right , I purchased 5 front ends to test and get the feel of the look i wanted and the rear plastic i lucked out on it makes the arse look so good the rake has changed much more comfort. Can't wait to ride it. Soon it is pretty good and sunny here but still cold.

JAson Mallett fishman
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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