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1966 Yamaha YDS-3 250 Catalina

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I picked up a '66 Yamaha YDS3 250 Catalina a few weeks ago.
I'd been watching it for sale for a few months and when the price came down to where I wanted to be on it, I snagged it.

Several years ago, I'd bought a very rough Catalina project but ended up trading it for my Suzuki Stinger, which came in milk crates.
This one needs very little...some reproduction decals for the side panels etc.
I think the mirrors will find their way onto my Norton, and I'll find some smaller round ones for it.

It came from an 80yr old original owner, who was quite familiar with it and had recently freshened it up cosmetically and rebuilt the engine.
I live in a small town, it's perfect for riding around and visiting a friend's acreage a few miles away, just far enough to stretch it's legs.
It's pretty quiet at idle, but there's lots of induction howl before it come on the pipe. I love 2 strokes!
It's a 5spd, they were rated at 28hp and capable of 82mph with a skinny kid on it.

These were a couple of generations before the successful RD series.
One of their faults, was the injector pump is driven off the if you were sitting at a set of lights with the clutch pulled in, and revving the piss out of it to impress onlookers, you were rewarded with a seized engine. I make a point of popping it into neutral whenever I'm stopped.


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