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192rwhp 2013 GSX-R1000 For Sale!!!

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Well,after much debating I'm putting my L3 up for sale. You guys that have been on the forums for a while will remember when I purchased it,and then started modding it. But for those who are new or haven't followed the progress of the bike here are the details:
-2700mi(may fluctuate if I ride it)
-showroom condition
-ported head&Web .395/.358 cams
-APE adjustable cam sprockets
-Carpenter HD valve springs
-192.75rwhp/87.23ft lbs
-Akrapovic stainless full system with shortened titainium can
-BMC race air filter
-Custom dyno tune
-clear Double Bubble screen
-520 EK 3D chain
-Driven sprockets
The bike is immaculate condition,there are no scratches on any of the bodywork or tank. This bike flat-out rips. The goal when doing the head/cams was killer mid-range and a nice strong top end. If you've ridden a stock GSXR-1K then you're familiar with its awesome mid-range;imagine that same killer mid-range but dramatically stronger and thats how this bike pulls. It has a very strong top end rush as well. If you've spent any time on a BMW S1000RR then you know how amazing the top end pull is,but the mid-range is a bit weak.

Thats what I wanted to avoid,since a street bike that is weak below 10k rpm really isn't fun to ride since nobody I know cruises around town at 10,000-11,000rpm in the powerband. This L3 is,in my opinion,the perfect combination of mid-range grunt followed by an awesome pull to redline.

All work was performed by Mike at SAE Outlaw Performance (SAE Outlaw Performance, Inc.) and a full build sheet with all parts used and prices goes with the sale. Mike can be reached at his shop if there are any questions about the engine. He has built both of my turbo bikes and is a top-notch mechanic/machinist so there need be no worries about reliability or shoddy work.

I may possibly bring the bike to have SAE Outlaw flash the ECU and also increase redline which should give a small bump in rwhp.

Master cylinder recall has not been performed as I'm not comfortable leaving the bike at a dealership,so that will be up to the new owner. Brakes work perfectly

Price $9,250. This the bargain of the century people :crying No trades.
More pictures will be posted once the weather clears up in the next few days:thumbup


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Ya,lower back issues are no fun. I had an L4/5/S1 fusion&now L3/2 are herniated and destroyed.
Damn, shit..... Never mind the bike, sorry to hear of your back troubles.What happened, if it's not too personal / painful of a question to ask?

Nice bike though :drool
I hope it's still around next march when my budget will have some slop. As trailer pick-ups go, it's not that long of a haul for me but given what Mtl has to offer, it'll be an excuse to entice you to come-up here for some 'frenchie culture'. Don't tell the missus...sssssssshhhhhhhh :biggrin
Andre I could always meet you at the border and collect my Shamoo stickers :lol
They're already en route finally. My daughter shipped 'em while I was off in Alaska. Jury's still out on the Harlem Yankees but she did remember the Shamoo ones
I scanned local classifieds up here just now. Your bike is a steal. Cheapest one I found was $9K but higher miles and nothing special. With that tasteful work, full akra etc... I wish I had the cash burning a hole in my pocket. Even with the USD exchange, it would still be a good deal. :drool

It'll be gone before I have the funds, sadly.
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