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So I went out to the track tonight and they told me I had to run slower then 10.99 and 120. I decided to practive my 60ft but since it started to rain I only got three runs in. For NEVER drag racing a bike I cut a 2.022 60ft and ran a 10.97 at 104 obviously braking and letting off at the end alot. My question is for a 230lb rider what kind of 60ft's should be considered good and excellent and what should I expect out of my bike with my fat ass? I am going to try and find some leathers to borrow but just curious what a good goal to start with would be since some of you are def knowledgable. Thanks:punk
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You should be happy with a high 1.7 60ft with your weight on a bike with a slipper clutch. Don't let the other guys come in here and tell you you should be in the 1.6s cause they are retards. The 05 06 1000's are very hard to launch compared to the older 1000's with less power and no slipper clutches. Now if you get a swing arm or extentions then you should be at least 1.6s and if your good it's possible to get in the 1.3s.
when mine was stock (strapped front end only) my best was a 1.75 and 9.95 @ 145 now after all my mods my best 60ft was a 1.57 then my shifter didnt work so i let off but i normally cut low 1.6 and go 9.7 @142-144.
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