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Hey guys I have a 08 k8 600 I've had for a couple of years, recently been having issues with the gearbox, I was riding pretty hard and all of a sudden the the shifter rod became stiff and would only switch from 2nd to 3rd gear it wouldnt shift down to neutral or go from 3rd to 4th. I limped it home but before I got there N came back and was able to shift through gears normally. I then put it on a stand and proceeded to adjust the clutch at all 3 locations including under the case and assumed that was the problem. I took it for a ride yesterday and it seem ok for approximately 1.5 miles then the same problem occurred shifter went stiff and would only change from 2nd to 3rd I got it home and put it on the stand and was able to get it to go through the gears but seems stiff and binding some how any ideas?? Please help
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