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I will be upfront in that I have read the entire sticky about the herky jerky issue for the previous generation 600/750

When cold (<150F) the bike runs absolutely perfectly.

Once over that, the bike will appear to have the herky jerky issue from 3-7k rpm in all gears.
I am throwing no codes.

- I have a full 2 Bros exhaust; only "mod"

- I have removed the #5 wire to the SET valve
- The O2 sensor is unplugged, it's even worse when connected
- I've adjusted the TPS
- I've replaced the IAP
- I've unplugged and tested w/o the IAT
- I've lowered the oil level (still in range)

I have an HO2 sensor on the way at the moment, but I don't foresee that solving the issue considering that it persists even when my o2 sensor is unplugged.

What do I try next?

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Get rid of the garbage Two Bro’s exhaust and upgrade to OEM or a brand that makes a quality exhaust.
Then have the bike tuned.
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