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I have not been on here for about a year. I purchased this bike for the sole reason I wanted to go drag racing, and I thought it would be easier and cheaper to run 10s on a bike than built a 10 sec car. my goal was to built something I could ride to the track runs tens and ride home.

I went to the track 3 times this year. I figured I need 10 to 15 pass to get use to the bike and racing. I was running low 11s at 136MPH my 60 foot sucked. I just need more seat time.

Friday I got in did it and ran a sting of 10.8s

I am putting the bike away for the season, during the winter I want to go over the clutch and maybe lower the bike more. I think I am going to try and fix the fairing and paint it in the spring.
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