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I am currently building up a 2007 GSX-R600 track bike. This weekend I was finally ready to fire it up but ran into an electrical issue. When the engine kill switch is flipped on, the upper butterflies will go from full closed, to full open and twitch just a bit. Also, the fuel pump will not prime. This gives me the impression that I don’t have a safety bypassed correctly. So that is the problem, here is the back story. Right now my brother has a 07 600 full race bike. We are building this second bike from the ground up w/ spare parts and a little help from e-bay. This gives us the luxury of using his as a model, and also gives us the ability to swap parts back and forth. Here is a break down of the electrical system and what we all tried.

1. Stock harness to start with. The ignition switch has been by passed by putting a jumper between the red and orange wire in the big grey plug. This jumper will be replaced with a switch, but we didn’t have one laying around at the time. When the plug is jumped, the dash lights up, and the tach does it’s sweep. Also, the dash will alternate between “temp” and “F1” in for error codes.
2. When the engine run switch is turned on (stock throttle housing), the butterflies actuate as stated above, and no fuel pump. On my brothers bike, this switch will sweep the butterflies full open and back closed again all while the fuel pump is priming.
3. We did swap tanks. Mine does work on his bike, and his doesn’t work on my bike. So, rule out the fuel pump as faulty.
4. I put a new set of throttle bodies on and get the same full open and twitch action when engine run switch is turned on.
5. Kickstand plug has had a jumper installed.
6. All left side handlebar switches have been removed. Only thing remaining on the left side (yellow plug) is the clutch safety switch, and yes it does work.
7. Fan has been removed along with all front and rear lights, blinkers, horn, etc..
8. Ignition on and engine kill on. Push start button and no crank. Pull in clutch lever and it cranks just fine, but does not fire up due to no fuel prime. Also, forgot to check for spark, but first we need fuel.
9. Checked fan relay, starter relay, and fuses, all fine.
10. No speed sensor.

So, if anyone can help me, what did I miss that will cause no fuel prime and the incorrect butterfly positioning??

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!!
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