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Hi All,
I'm new to this forum. I'm 53 years old and love to ride but it has been awhile. So I buy this '06 600 and rode it a bit last year. The kid I bought it from did some mods but, in my ignorant opinion, was half-assed about it, i.e. he lowered the rear because he was a bit shorter, but never touched the front height which really made the steering heavy. I returned it to stock height and it rides beautifully again. Additionally, the kid put an Akrapovic short pipe on it but it does not have a Power Commander or anything else on it. I'm wondering, is it proper to install an aftermarket pipe but do nothing else to the bike? In other words, does it need a Power Commander or other device?

As I ride it, it hesitates at launch or anytime I am barely starting to turn on the throttle, when I really twist it, the bike takes off with great power. When the bike is warm and I come to a stop, it immediately stalls so I need to keep revving it.

I appreciate any insights.
Thank you,
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