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I've been going through the ringer on this k6 600. Out of nowhere the secondary (upper) injectors stopped spraying which results in no power at wot. It isn't throwing any codes when in dealer mode. I've narrowed it down to the secondary injectors not getting a ground signal from the ECM to fire. Things I've tried or tested ok per the manual:

Fuel filters replaced
Tested fuel pump pressure and flow
Cleaned and tested both sets of injectors (none are shorted) and spray fine when hooked to the battery
Tested tip over and kick stand sensors
Tested stator and rectifier
Tested battery and swapped with a new one
Butterfly valves are working fine
Swapped in a known working ECM
Adjusted TPS
Removed the power commander 5
Bike doesn't have SET. It's cut at the ecm
New plugs
Tested ignition coils

Nothing has changed it so far. I even rode the bike with a fuel pump pressure tester to make sure it's getting enough pressure under load. Any help would be much appreciated
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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