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06 gsxr 750 no power to anything when key is turned

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was doing tps couple of times now no problems with that the c00 setting adjustment and now no power to anything all fuses are the 30 amp is good please help
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check battery terminals grounds so forth

then start testing leads, do you have a tester light that you ground one end then with the pointy end with a light bulb in it touch the wire to see if its charged?

quick way, you can probe connectors while still plugged in, ignitions so forth..

need a wiring diagram and keep checking
TP Sensor..

C14, TP sensor, The sensor should produce following voltage. 0.2 V sensor voltage < 4.80 V In other than the above range, (P0120) is indicated. TP sensor, lead wire/coupler connection P0120 H Sensor voltage is higher than specified

TP sensor circuit shorted to VCC or ground circuit open, L Sensor voltage is lower than specified value, TP sensor circuit open or shorted to ground or VCC circuit open

do you know how to test circuits and so forth? service manual helps some but they expect you know what you are testing for and only give the values required soa youtube video is helpful in this situation, you could check and clean the connectors so forth and eliminate that..

then the manual will show you which wires to test, youtube will show you how to use the multimeter and what setting to use and what to do with your readings.. been a lot of these lately, a lot of em
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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