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06 gsxr 750 idle issues

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Okay everyone so I just recently bought a 06 750 with 13k miles. Picked it up and it sounded like it was idling a little weird at first but I didn’t think much of it, drive it an hour home and it was great. Tried figuring out why the idle was off by messing with a few things, the AIT valve was completely unplugged throwing the FI light that’s now solved, there was also a hose on the air box that was off that’s now fixed.
I’ve replaced plugs for iridium’s, cleaned fuel pump and injectors (without any new filters) put 93 in the tank with some fuel system cleaner, and adjusted tps to the correct position.
im still chasing this idling issue, it starts right up and seems to be a little skippy at idle sometimes, when it’s warm it seems to wanna idle great for the first 3 red lights and then after that it will try to die or start idling rough. The last time I rode It I limped it home when it was idling very rough and as soon as I pulled in the clutch to downshift to pull into my house it died instantly and took throttle to get it running again. I’ve also noticed that is has one solid pop from the exhaust on deceleration at around 6,500 rpm’s, and I’ve also seen a bit of white/ black smoke when revving especially when it’s under 170 degrees.
the bike has a slip on with no tuner or anything with the exhaust valve disconnected. Any ideas? I’m thinking bad tps maybe? I’m not too sure. And no I have not yet checked my charging system( Ive been told 06-07 have stator/rr issues)
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