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Hello all,

I rode my bike all morning yesterday, no issues. Then later on in the day I started my bike, it ran for a good 2 minutes, and died on me. Bike wasn’t hot (48 degrees Celsius). After that, it wouldn’t start anymore...

Now I just recently changed the battery, and the rectifier/regulator.

Trying to start it, (inspected clutch button, it’s releasing. Yes, bike is in neutral, killswitch is not activated) the starter relay clicks, but the starter doesn’t crank. Starter relay fuse is fine as well.

Tried to jump start it with three different cars, no luck. Tried to push start it going up to 50kph, still wouldn’t start.

Now, finally started the bike, which isn't holding it's charge, and it started making this weird sound.

I need your assistance, I have no idea where to even start.. :gaah

I have a video, which I can't post as I'm a noob, but the sound is horrible.

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Post a vid to youtube, then post the link here. Your post count is too low for much website function.

Download your manual and buy a multimeter.

Test all three components of the charging system, if you can. Batt, R/R, stator, as per the manual instructions.

A clicking relay makes me lean toward low battery voltage. That is caused by a poopy stator, R/R, installation of either.
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