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05 gsxr 600 sputtering

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Hey guys I have an 05 gsxr 600 I’ve been chasing this problem with no success. My bike starts to sputter and shut off after 30 minutes to an hour of riding. At times it’s bad and at times it’s not so bad. I’ve tried everything and I really mean everything. Got two engines and it’s same problem with both. Swapped the engines, coil packs, spark plugs, stator rectifier, fuel pump Also I got kemso one and nothing changed it still same problem I even went as far as borrowing a friends gas tank to see if it was just the gas tank vent tubes and nothing please if anyone can help I’ll attach video to show what I mean by sputter thank you

update: I rode since 9pm all the way till 1 in the morning. No more sputter. I changed the spark plugs and ecu and no more sputtering. I believe it was the ecu because everytime i would sputter my seat would be and now it’s not so maybe the ecu was already shot
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Could be the ECM I guess...
Could be the ECM I guess...
I’ll try that tonight see if it does anything I do have a spare ecu
loose connection? ground? bad coils? bad signal generator? loose connector?
loose connection? ground? bad coils? bad signal generator? loose connector?
I’m trying out a different ecu tonight maybe it’ll help idk
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I have heard of a couple of ECU failures on this model specifically. Usually after about an hours of riding when heat starts to build up in the Bike/Frame/Ecu.
But it tends to shut off and stay off for a few minutes before coming back to life.

The next time it starts to play up like this. Pull over and let the bike cool down for 10-20 mins.
Then, start up and you should get another hour of riding before the problem comes back.
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