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05-06 Trade carbon fiber solo cowl for blue

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I have a carbon fiber solo cowl that came with my used 05. I want the blue stock solo cowl because I am switching from a carbon fiber exhaust can to a ti. The carbon fiber fits just like the stock one. It is real carbon fiber. I am looking for a trade + $25.00 and you take care of the shipping. I can meet someone who lives in So. Florida. Let me know by pm. I will sell outright for $90.00 + shipping.
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too bad you dont want a grey one. nice deal for whoever picks it up.
I just bought a blue one so this one is for sale, not trade. Make a reasonable offer.
trade for an OEM gel seat?
Let me get back to you. I have a deal pending. I am waiting for all the details to be worked out. If it falls apart, I will pm you.
Here is a picture of the underside.


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Item is still for sale, deal did not go thru. Price is $90.00 + $9.00 to ship. PM me if interested.
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