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05/06 Gsxr 1000 Clutch Mod DIY w/ lots of Pics

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Here is my DIY contribution this great site. This is the clutch mod that has been discussed in the past. Thanks to Stocky for his contributions and others.

I have the PDF also for anyone interested to download here is the link Below. 56k users this is your best OPTION. Also if it expires pm me with your email and i will send it out.


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if your drag racing or got a lot of hp and feel its slipping stiffer springs dont hurt but on a stock setup oem spring rate will be fine
JetSpeedz said:
if your drag racing or got a lot of hp and feel its slipping stiffer springs dont hurt but on a stock setup oem spring rate will be fine
Well I did the mod but when I was done, I had to make a large adjustment to the internal adjuster under the cover so that the clutch lever worked (before the adjustment, the lever felt like the cable was detached). Is that normal? Did I install something improperly? I went for a test ride and the action of the clutch feels wonderful! It is much more linear and predictable
it could be possible that you played around with the play dial on the perch so it caused it to be off needing the adjustment but that adjustment is needed eventually anyway.. sounds like you did it right
When I was disassembling, I was trying to get the push rod out (part that goes from left side of motor to disengage the clutch) and could not hook it with a wire. I squeezed the clutch lever to try to "pop" it out (didn't work). I wonder if doing that caused the adjustment to get way off. On my adjuster under the clutch cover, the screw is now flush with the locking nut and before it had a couple of threads showing.
a maget will pull the shift rod out as far as your cable play and adjustment that may be b/c there is too much play on the cable possibly at the perch causing you to do the opposite on the other end (cover) ... had this issue when replacing oem with pazzo a while ago but fixed it easily at the perch instead of cover.... just a thought otherwise i didnt have this problem then again i went hydraulic before...
OK, how do I adjust the perch so that I have some room for future adjustment under the clutch case cap?
DESPITE MY CLUTCH BEING A PAIN IN THE A** to squeeze (with the heavier springs), :tup: to this thread, my clutch has never worked so well.

thank you
Just bought all the parts (washer and gasket) so I'll be doing this very soon. Question for you guys, my adjustmet pin seems to be bent. Not sure why, but it's been like this ever since I first went in there at 600 miles. Is this normal? If not what can I do to replace it?
willybeen said:
adjustment pin? what pin?
The rod on which the two adjustment bolts sit on. I'll try to take a video today.
hey thanks for the mod. works awsome.. a lot smoother feeling! first gear is fun again.
just did the mod. and it works great. I set the slipper screws to 2 3/4 out and it is much better.
i noticed that there was not as much slip as before the mod with the lifter pins set at 2 3/4, so i set them at 2 1/2, and it does not slip on accel, and feels like before the mod on decel.
I traced the problem of my slipping under acceleration. While initially I think it was due to the fact that I didn't have the lifter pins turned out sufficiently I later realized it was due to not enough slack in the cable.

For some reason and I don't know why exactly, I adjusted a very small amount of slack into the cable but after riding it seems like the slack would get taken up (I might have been imagining things), but I noticed it happening, under hard acceleration it would slip.

So I reached down and turned the adjuster on the lever in some to give it some more slack on one of the longer straighter sections, then got back on it with some determination ;)

No more slippage under throttle.......weird, but fixed now :D
JetSpeedz said:
Kaz you should put it back to 2 1/4 and see how it responds

Yes, I may give that a try now and see :)
you have to make sure to have the actuator on the pressure plate adjusted properly as well. you can have slack in the cable, but still have the clutch partially disengaged if the mechanism is not adjusted properly. check your manual for proper adjustment.
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