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05/06 Gsxr 1000 Clutch Mod DIY w/ lots of Pics

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Here is my DIY contribution this great site. This is the clutch mod that has been discussed in the past. Thanks to Stocky for his contributions and others.

I have the PDF also for anyone interested to download here is the link Below. 56k users this is your best OPTION. Also if it expires pm me with your email and i will send it out.


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does anyone know what exactly happens when the clutch is chattering and what it is that this mod does that fixes it? also, is the clutch "chatter" the grabby growling anomoly that I have experienced on hard launches?
just did the mod. and it works great. I set the slipper screws to 2 3/4 out and it is much better.
i noticed that there was not as much slip as before the mod with the lifter pins set at 2 3/4, so i set them at 2 1/2, and it does not slip on accel, and feels like before the mod on decel.
you have to make sure to have the actuator on the pressure plate adjusted properly as well. you can have slack in the cable, but still have the clutch partially disengaged if the mechanism is not adjusted properly. check your manual for proper adjustment.
SPL170db said:
I posted earlier in this thread about an odd phenomenon that was happening to my lever that I think I noticed 1 or 2 others posting that they saw something similar.

It seemed like the slack in the cable and the freeplay in the clutch lever were being somehow taken up as they were riding. Well I sat there on my bike the other day with it off and I realized what was happening (at least on mine anyway). Everytime I turned the bars to the right the adjuster wheel on the clutch perch would turn itself out???

I have no idea why it's doing this as it never did it before, at least not until I opened up the clutch and did the mod.

lubricate the interface of the adjuster bolt and the steel cable end where they meet at the perch. If the angled steel cable end cannot move freely when you turn the bars it will move the adjuster. You can also bend a little more tension into the detent spring that is supposed to keep the clutch freeplay adjuster knob from moving on its own (assuming you have stock levers and such).
my clutch started doing the shudder thing again every once in a while. I did the mod about 3 months ago, and it was good unitl last week. weird huh?:scratch
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