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Many thanks to JetSpeedz and Stocky for discovering and/or doing a great write-up for this mod. I have never had serious clutch problems with my 06 but the last month or so the clutch was starting to whine every now and then-mostly from a cold start in first gear- and was starting to get just a little bit grabby sometimes. So I ordered the parts and printed out the great instructions and did the mod. It took me 2-3 hours and that was taking my time with no hurry. I had also installed this clutch lever:

Very pricey but I was after an easier clutch pull at the expense of a longer clutch engagement arc and this item is adjustble for that. The only downside besides the price was that the lever would not work with the clutch engine start switch-the little switch that forces you to pull in the clutch lever to start the bike. Not a big deal really.

The clutch mod went fine and I had no strange grabbiness or anything during my first ride after the mod. It worked great from the start. Now it works like a clutch is supposed to. Nice and predictable with no drama! The combination of the clutch mod and the new clutch lever has given me a much easier clutch pull and nice clutch function. Now it is on par with the hydraulic clutch on my RC51 in terms of ease of use.

Thanks again! I just printed out the procedure and went page by page and it was real clear and easy to follow. Great stuff!!!
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