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I've read practically every K1-K9 clutch post there is in an effort to satisfy my K4 clutch OCDness.
This is my first road bike K4 1000, when purchased it had 16,000km and had been fitted with the Kawa plate and was smooth on take off but that was it. Crunched when changing up and down gears, changed the oil to Amsoil and it was 30% better.
Then I removed the clutch and found it was dry, lubed plates was better for a while, removed basket and drilled 3 holes.
Better again but it still felt like the clutch wasn't fully releasing. Also when changing gears and releasing the throttle it felt the like engine braking was slowing the revs down too much and just the engine braking in general was too much (I ride two stroke dirt bikes) had to keep a little throttle on. Clicking from 2nd to 3rd was real clunky.
So I bought a low mile K8 complete clutch assembly. Ordered a new K5-6 lifter hat to fine tune rod length and a new gear selector star.
I drilled 3 extra holes in the basket and fitted everything this week, still on Christmas holidays?. Set slipper adjustment to 2 turns out.
Did a 200km test ride today and it's a different bike! Snicks gears no crunching. 2nd to 3rd great now shifts smooth. No engine braking effect on gear changes, I can pop down through the gears and the bike stays calm almost feels two strokeish running through a turn, one small down side is I have to brake harder to compensate for lack of engine braking! So happy with the bike now, one happy camper!
Thanks again for all the great information.
Next job is to re-valve and spring the rock hard forks.
1 - 1 of 479 Posts