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05/06 Gsxr 1000 Clutch Mod DIY w/ lots of Pics

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Here is my DIY contribution this great site. This is the clutch mod that has been discussed in the past. Thanks to Stocky for his contributions and others.

I have the PDF also for anyone interested to download here is the link Below. 56k users this is your best OPTION. Also if it expires pm me with your email and i will send it out.


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The k7 uses different spring bolts also, I've got a set of k7 bolts and washers however I cannot compare the height just yet as the k5 bolts are still in the bike. When I purchased them I followed the same train of thought, having the washers in there on the old bolts it would change the spring tension (all be it minor). They use the same pressure plate however, the clutch hub is different so who knows if the changes did anything to the overall spring heights...
I do not think putting the k7 spring washers on k5 bolts would be so significant as the stepped bit of the washer would fit inside the spring. The difference would be the thickness of the metal in the k7 washer.

I hope there isn't such a significant difference in the hub. So I can put the k7 bolts/washers in the k5 hub without changing the installed spring heights.

I'll find out for sure when the clutch in it now becomes completely unbearable.
I could possibly shorten the bolt itself, this could net the same result. If I get the thing apart and realise the k7 bolts are significantly longer than the k5 bolts I will just run the k7 washers on the k5 bolts. I don't believe the washers would add more than 1mm additional preload, I am running factory springs so it may not be so bad.
1 - 3 of 479 Posts