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05/06 Gsxr 1000 Clutch Mod DIY w/ lots of Pics

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Here is my DIY contribution this great site. This is the clutch mod that has been discussed in the past. Thanks to Stocky for his contributions and others.

I have the PDF also for anyone interested to download here is the link Below. 56k users this is your best OPTION. Also if it expires pm me with your email and i will send it out.


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Rotate the crank some by removing small allen cap on right side engine idle gear cover.Then use 14mm socket to turn crank (clockwise)this will rotate crank so lower portion of crank(porkchop) will clear basket for removal.
drklr said:
k thats what i wanted to hear.
ok so i have it out and i drilled the holes. now is this normal?

and i bought a new clutch but i dont think the old one looks bad. the plates are just scratched up a little .. what do you think?

That's deburred material taken off from Basket casting process.
Steels look OK from pics as long as they are true(not wrapped) or blue from over heating,They can be re-used. But,since you have already done the hard part might as well install purchased New Pack.
JetSpeedz said:
if your drag racing or got a lot of hp and feel its slipping stiffer springs dont hurt but on a stock setup oem spring rate will be fine
1 - 3 of 479 Posts