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Server is down at, I just got a new K5 1000, does anyone have the pdf they could email to me? [email protected]
This site rocks!
Thanks in advance!
I dont know if anyone has mentioned this yet but suzuki, (at least at my dealer) has upgraded the 2k5-2k6 1000 washer part # to corrolate with the 750 washer part # posted here, they are both the same #s now..

its an extremely simple fix, 1 clutch cover gasket, 1 conical washer...

remove clutch cover, remove pack, replace conical washer that sits on the basket noting its direction, (its tapered, I believe the smaller diameter faces out?) I replaced the flat washer the conical rests on just for fun.. fit new gasket, torque bolts, done..

some say drill the basket, I didn't and I can launch with the best of em...

once you get to the dealer just look at the microfiche, it will all make sense... conical washer that sits on a flat washer against the basket, the clutch pack rests on the conical...

WELL worth the trouble, and yes, hats off to as when the issue first reared its head in early 05 I brought it in to service for a fix, obviously the head scratching wasn't it...
1 - 3 of 479 Posts