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Hi All,

I have searched multiple treads on this and different sites and cannot find my exact problem, here is what is happening.

When the key is turned I don't hear the fuel pump prime but all other lights work and the speedo does its normal sweep.
In neutral, stand up, kill switch to run, clutch in - cranks but wont start.
Dash comes up with "CHEC" and red light is on. (from research this tells me that the ECM has no signal/power?)
Tried putting it in dealer mode but stays on "CHEC" and wont change to show a code

-Battery sitting around 12v with ignition on, 12.6v ignition off. (possibly a little low)
-Checked the fuel pump with separate 12v and runs fine
-Checked the fuel pump relay and all is good
-Checked all fuses under the seat are ok with a multi-meter

Things I still need to check-
Kill switch is working
Turn Over sensor is working
Stand switch is working
Swap with a friends ECU/ECM

anything else I can check???

Thanks in advance.

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Having the same issues on my Kart.
Have looked at this wiring 10 times over.
Have tested other working ecu's 3 different ones fo be exact.
T.o.s is working.
Clutch safety is bypassed.
Kick stand switch is bypassed.
New diode for ignition.
Have tested signal wife from ecu to dash.
Battery is voltage is good.
*Not using stock fuel pump or wiring for fuel pump so I can't hear pump cycle.
*Throttle body's don't cycle.
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