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i have a 2003 gsxr 600 26,000miles
got home as the wind picked up, got off the bike to open the garage, got back onto the bike to put it into the garage and the wind pushed the bike to lean hard to the right and i couldnt lean it back to the left. it didnt fall hard at all, its as if i gently laid it down then picked it right back up immediately. (rushing to get inside before the rain hit)
started bike in the garage to make sure it was ok and it started right up.
next day.... wont start... it cranks but wont turn over (starts with carb cleaner) (bike temp 78F)
ive read tons and tons and tons of forums on here and have looked at everything

checked for codes and its clear (-c00)
TOS is fine (i even opened it up)
kickstand is fine
took out sparkplugs they are fine even put in new ones just to make sure
pulled fuel rail to see injectors and they are good
fuel pump and pressure is fine the pump even has a new fuel pressure regulator and filter
battery voltage is good even jumped it with my truck and nothing
gas is only a couple days old so not bad gas
checked my clutch lever that was fine (some people said a small adjustment helped)
kill switch is fine

as mentioned i literally gently laid the bike on its RIGHT side. got better footing and picked it up. it was on its side for no more than 5 seconds!!

im running out of ideas and im frustrated as can be. im very familiar with bikes and really familiar with this one.

any and all help is greatly appreciate! taking it to my buddys house tonight will update when the bike is fixed! will be active until the solution is solved!

thanks everyone

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I know you said "fuel pump and pressure is fine", but have you actually determined that the pump moves fuel and that it sprays out of the injectors? For starters, can you hear it prime?

I assume that you read the codes right after switching the ignition on. Can you perhaps see 'FI' flashing on the dash once you crank the motor for a few seconds with no success? If so, try reading the codes then.

If all the above checks out. The only other thing I can think of, is that on the later models the crankshaft position sensor is below one of the engine casing covers on the right-hand side. If that is the case on your model to, inspect the area to see whether it sustained a knock that might have moved the sensor, or that perhaps damaged some wiring. It's a long shot given your account of the intensity of the drop though.
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