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Info -
Me - Drag raced in the late 80’s but have not been back since. Been road racing since 90.
I’m 185-190 with gear.
Bike - 01 K1 with 20K mile, I will run the stock motor with a pipe and power commander with quickshift, street tires no wheelie bar. This bike will only be ridden at the 1/4 drag track not on the street

Build / Set up questions -
Swing arm length? - what wheelbase length allows for the best launch / 60ft?
Sprocket / chain set up?? 15 front 45 rear?, can you use a 520 chain or is that to light?
What classes / rules should I look at? I’m in CT so possible tracks - Lebanon, Epping, Atco, Englishtown …
Any tips or or mods that are best bang for the money?
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