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01 gsxr 1000 dies at full throttle

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Great Internet minds, solve this.

01 gsxr 1000, about 50%+ throttle it dies, runs really really shitty like its out of gas. Runs mostly fine otherwise.

Threw a code one time out of all the times it did it, c33 c34 c35. Those are three of the injectors. But-never threw that code again. Plugs are new, filter is clean, ran it without the filter, took the butterflies out, disconnected pc3, still does it.

My next guess is the fuel pump. But internally it's a new pump as of 4 months ago. So I would hope it wouldn't go bad that fast. And it's got fresh gas.

I'll test the fuel pump tomorrow, and change the plugs back to the old plugs, just in case.

Anyone else got any ideas?
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Yup pump is bad

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sounds like the pump to me too, just to be safe id change the fuel filter and test the injectors, and call the place you got the pump from to see about a warranty
I'm going to send the injectors to mps, I'm waiting to hear back from the fuel pump ppl. Messed up my whole day at the track.
stuff like this usually will, and its worse when its something you cant borrow from someone else to finish your day off
Tank was dirty so new pump went bad, injectors were dirty too. Serviced injectors and acid rinsed tank, new pump and filter, ram perfect. Just wanted to follow up. Lol
"ran it without the filter"
That's how to clog the injectors.

"But internally it's a new pump"
So you just replaced the pump motor. Unless it's badly rusted, it was probably OK. The filter is where most fuel pump problems are.
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