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Hello all,
I have a question about the rear shock in my 86.
Bought the bike last year and it has an Öhlins shock mounted. Noticed now the damper is originally for a 750R 85-87, product no SU527.
This damper is about 25 mm shorter than stock, 290 mm versus 315 which lowers the bike quite a bit. Not a big problem for me since I like the low look it has.
Plan is to use the bike for some dragrace occasionally.
But I have also noticed it is quite soft in the rear even with high spring preload.
Worth Mention is, the swingarm is stretched around 10 cm compared to stock.
May need to install a stiffer spring.

Back to the original question, is it common to install a shorter shock to lower the bike or do you better handle this changing the lower linkage?
Can I keep my 750 shock and change spring and it will work?
Or do I need to change shock to a version with correct lenght and adjust ride height with linkage modification?
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