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  1. Water Cooled Gixxers
    I recently picked up a 94 gsxr 750. The bike was non-running and had sat for probably 4 years but could turn over fine with a new battery and didn't sound bad (for 500 bucks I couldn't resist). I haven't ever worked on a bigger bike like this only simple stuff on small dirt bikes and such so I'm...
  2. Water Cooled Gixxers
    I absolutely love this bike, it’s been through a lot with me and I’ve had this bike forever and don’t plan of getting rid of it ?, anyways I work as a fabricator so the build process isn’t what worries me but the fact that I want to turbo this bike and all I have is YouTube videos to reference...
  3. Water Cooled Gixxers
    I have a 1993 gsxr 750w that seems to struggle when getting up to speed. And doesn’t like to get over 8k rpm. Seems abnormal. Anyone have suggestions on the possible problem?
1-3 of 3 Results