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  1. GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum
    A bit of a noob, so apologize in advance for my ignorance. With that said, I have been experiencing abrupt loss of power at higher rpm, around 11-12k. It’s like hitting a rev limiter where power just cuts off quickly. Even in neutral. Running thin. No issues in lower rpm. Before bringing it...
  2. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Hello all! I currently have a 2006 GSX-R600 with 30,400 miles on the odometer. I bought about two months ago and ran amazing until I tried to show off at a meet and failed a burnout. Instead, I burnt out my clutch. I did the clutch replacement myself and everything checked out for about 100...
  3. 01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    Hi. I recently purchased this gsxr 600 k3 with the FI light on and a C28 error code showing when in dealermode. When i opened up to see whats under the tank i found theres a problem with the STVA, which there should be according to the code. Theres also a beeping/squeeking sound. Ive been...
  4. 04-05 GSX-R600/750
    my 05 gsxr 600 is having trouble with the STVA, jump wired it threw c28 code. to fix this do i just buy a used working STVA on eBay or try to re weld the little pins on the current STVA??? help!!!! second bike so I'm new into bikes.
  5. GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum
    I've got a 05 gsxr 750 I've just put 800 bucks into the transmission and now I've got it put back together it's throwing the STVA code 28 but only does it after idle for a few seconds (turn the switch off and then on again it shows c 00) crank it up then it idles smooth and then the idle changes...
  6. Canada
    Will 06 gixxer 600 plastics fit on 2005 gixxer 600? And is there someone in Canada that can repair STVA mikuni part on 2005 gixxer 600?
1-6 of 6 Results