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  1. Vintage Bikes
    Alright lads and lasses, just bought a k7 but can't seem to find any decent slip ons. I had the yoshi r11 in mind as that's what I've seen on the 2016 models for example but can only find cans that look like my cousin made them and he's 36 and loves lego. I have seen link pipes on ebay that look...
  2. 12 - 16 GSX-R1000
    Whats up, my 14' needs a new exhaust for sure. I have already decided to go with a slip on. That being said, i also plan on having the fuel re mapped. But i found a site, , and it shows a lot more options for slip-ons. What i am wondering or asking is this. It seems like 2016 is...
1-2 of 2 Results