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low rpm

  1. Please Help!

    06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Hello all, thank you for helping in advance. I have recently started to do some work on the bike I’ve had for a few years now. It hardly ran when I picked it up but I needed a first time bike project. It’s an 07 GSXR 600. The issue: While riding around the town to see how everything is...
  2. GSXR 600 2002 Unique engine rpm problems with weird sounds.

    01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    Hi Everyone! My bike is GSXR 600 2002. I have it since 3 years and all that time I did a lot of care for it! But there is still one problem I can not resolve since all those 3 years I have it! Bike running well overall. No losing power, no interruptions/halting when accelerating, no burning oil...
  3. Stalling at lights, slow moving traffic especially when clutch lever is depressed

    07-08 GSX-R1000
    My 07 gixxer was running fine until i swapped the duo street slayer M4 cans i had to a Werkes Competition slip on belly pipe, now the bike's engine cuts out at stops, traffic or when I'm off throttle and only trying to move on the idle speed, speedo still counts but revs drop to zero, Normally...