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  1. Tech Tips & Tricks
    My 2008 GSX-R1000 has been dying at idle, no matter if it’s sitting still, or when i pull the clutch in and let off the throttle at speed. Thing is though, it runs perfectly fine at higher rpm’s. I attributed this to a possible fuel injector problem and ordered a rebuild kit, but when i pulled...
  2. GSX-R1000 General Forum
    So, I tried to start my bike after a month. of not running i tried to start it but did not come on. no lights just nothing. i thought the battery was dead so i charged it for a day but nothing. I bought a new battery and still nothing. Any ideas on what the problem is? this is a first.
  3. 08-10 GSX-R600/750
    Sup everyone, This is my first post on the site. Im a newer owner of a 2008 600 and believe I have come upon my first issue with my bike. I searched many forums but did not find anything specific about whats going on with my bike. So save me the “check older forum posts.” Hopefully one of you...
  4. 08-10 GSX-R600/750
    Hi guys, i have a question i got a GSXR 600 k9 and i have a problem with it. When i ride the bike or start the bike up when i put it in neutral it doesnt show the Neutral light but its in neutral. When i touch the footstand it just works again can anyone help me out?
  5. 09-11 GSX-R1000
    I’m new to this forum but i have a k9 1000 i recently bought I’m trying to slam the bike for racing the fronts not a problem but the rear on other hand is a pain.. i purchased the triangle links with the different holes only lowered it so much then i read u also needed the adjustable screw bar...
1-5 of 5 Results