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  1. 04-05 GSX-R600/750
    Bike just quit while riding.have fuel,pump primes.changed the coils,plugs,stator, rectifier,signal generator, relays, ignition,and Ecu...told it's a ground somewhere...throws code C-24,C-25,C-26,C-27....any info with what wires to check and where would be a great help
  2. SRADs (97-00 600 and 96-99 750)
    Long time lurker, first time posting.. So I'm in the process of rebuilding the carbs for a 97' 750 project I've been working on; during that process I've been battling with them the entire time. From stripping carb cap screws to the float screws and even jets, it's been a b*tch. The problem I'm...
  3. General Bike Talk
    Hello, Having electrical issues with my GSXR 750. I disconnected the stator and found the connector was burnt. The rear tail light/signals won't turn on at all. When I signal right, the front left signal flashes. When I signal left, nothing happens. I disconnected the ecu and found partial...
  4. 08-10 GSX-R600/750
    I have no experience with these engines, how does this sound? Thank you
  5. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Okay everyone so I just recently bought a 06 750 with 13k miles. Picked it up and it sounded like it was idling a little weird at first but I didn’t think much of it, drive it an hour home and it was great. Tried figuring out why the idle was off by messing with a few things, the AIT valve was...
  6. 11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    Hi everyone, never really been on any forums or online communities however this seems like a great place to post any future questions that I'm sure will arise as a brand new gixxer owner. This is my first sportsbike, I began riding in a GS500 from '04 and I've owned some adventure bikes but...
  7. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    I replaced the clutch plates yesterday. Even with only 18k kms, I was convinced the clutch was worn because 1) the rpms would increase but pulling power wasn't there; and 2) I was having a bitch of a time shifting from 2nd to 3rd. My shifter was constantly sticking unless I was < 5k rpm. After...
  8. 08-10 GSX-R600/750
    I have a 09 750 with a a pretty botched motor (missing 3rd and 6th, etc.). I have an opportunity to snag a 05 750 parts bike dirt cheap with 18k miles. So my question is would the swap be possible? Has anyone ever attempted this swap, I’m hoping it’s a mostly a plug and play operation but...
  9. 08-10 GSX-R600/750
    Just entered the sport bike world with my "new" 2009 GSXR 750. I'm coming from an Indian Scout Bobber, which is no slouch, but this thing really moves! Glad to be carving the mountains with this baby, now!
  10. 11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    When walking the bike or at extremely slow speeds it feels like there’s a portion of the wheel that rubs on something. Causing it to vibrate softly. Go away. Then vibrate again once it’s reached that same spot. Any idea what this could be? Owner before me put the tires on himself.
  11. 04-05 GSX-R600/750
    i flushed out the old Coolant and added new engine ice coolant. my bike is still running around 200-226° Is there a problem with my bike?
  12. SRADs (97-00 600 and 96-99 750)
    Hello all! I’m deciding between purchasing a 1999 GSXR 750 SRAD or a 2002 and Yamaha R6. I’m hoping y’all can help me make the decision. Here’s a little info on the bikes. 99’ GSXR has 34,000 miles on the bike but looks to be in immaculate condition! Apparently The seller bought it from a...
  13. General Bike Talk
    Put the 1000 cam into the intake and 750 intake on the exhaust side. APE adjustable cam sprockets degrees at 110. Bike made 122 hp and this bike is a max effort 750. It was running 9.84 on stock motor and still will with only 122 hp🤔
  14. GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum
    In the middle of the cam swap. Installer APE cam sprockets into the 1000 intake cam no problem. How do I press on the 750 intake cam in the exhaust side. None of it is lining up and can’t figure out how to set them so I can get perfect timing.
  15. General Bike Talk
    What’s y’all’s pr’s on a stock motor gsxr 750 on pump my first time going to the track on my bike. (Ive done every bolt on I can do) 170lbs suited trying to see where I’m at with other 750’s👀 I’m on a K2
  16. 11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    Today my bike wouldn't turn on while in neutral. Everything was fine when i turned the key. All the lights were on but when i pressed the start button nothing happened. I had to put the bike in first gear and it started right up. I didnt have time to look for the problem, any suggestions on what...
  17. General Bike Talk
    So, I had my bike sitting out in the elements for one day, and the rain hit with the kickstand down in the dirt. The kickstand sunk and the bike fell over, which crunched the face and snapped the cowling brace that holds the upper cowling stay brace on to the frame. I've looked everywhere and...
  18. 11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    Hi all, my first post. Recently got myself an L1 GSXR 750. on a recent trip I picked up some road debris which damaged the radiator (was already not looking to good) Looking at buying a replacement radiator from ebay. The advertiser states that the K7 to L1 use the exact same radiator. I...
  19. Want to Buy
    Hi, I’m new to this forum so I hope I’m not breaking any rules etc but I’m after a rear left fairing for my 2012 gsxr 750 in white. I’ve gone direct to Suzuki but they keep telling the parts aren’t coming in at moment & I’ve been waiting for over a month now. Thanks in advance 😀
  20. 08-10 GSX-R600/750
    I recently changed my sprockets and while removing the case for the front sprocket a rubber piece fell out. I am not sure where it fits into the case before putting it back on. Now when the bike starts there is a rattling noise where the clutch rod is near the front sprocket. I have a 2008 gsxr 750.
1-20 of 27 Results