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  1. 03-04 GSX-R1000
    So i have an 03 gsxr1000 all stock minus the yoshi pipe i also did a motor swap because i had a bad knock. Anyway I went for a ride about 120 miles round-trip and then i washed bike at home. Next day went out on bike ran choppy no power at high rpm even had blue flames coming out the pipe ...
  2. 01-02 GSX-R1000
    Greeting everybody! introducing my gsxr1000 k2!
  3. GSX-R1000 General Forum
    Please help if you know... Can the triple tree top clamp from a 2008 gsxr1000 be used on a 2017 gsxr1000? Thanks in advance!
  4. 07-08 GSX-R1000
    I have a 2008 suzuki gsxr 1000 motorcycle. I just replaced the clutch master, clutch line, clutch cylinder and slave, clutch rods, clutch plates. I cannot get the clutch to disengage. If I try to start it with the motorcycle in gear, it lunges forward. Even with lever pulled in. When on the...
  5. 07-08 GSX-R1000
    Hey does anyone know which other gsxr 1000cc fuel pump assemblies are compatible to the k7/k8 1000cc
  6. 09-11 GSX-R1000
    Greetings all, I have the bike listed in the title and I’m thinking about upgrading the whole headlight assembly to a LED headlight assembly. Does anyone have any bad experiences with this? I don’t want to shit out $500 on this and have it be a bad decision. I’ll drop the link of the...
  7. SRADs (97-00 600 and 96-99 750)
    Okay so I recently have done my research but but I still need to find out one thing….it may sound dumb idk…is there anyway to adapt a front SRAD wheel to the 07 gixxer forks. I want the wheels to still be classic and I really just like the way they look.
  8. 05-06 GSX-R1000
    So I have a K5 1000, and the clutch started slipping on it. It has very low miles so after doing some digging around I adjusted the cable at the perch and released some tension and it helped with the slip a lot. I figured it was slipping because the clutch wasn’t fully disengaging because of...
  9. 2017 GSX-R1000
    Hello i have a 20’ gsxr1000 with a full toce system, air filter, and a shnitz racing ecu reflash. I bought a servo buddy for the exhaust when i bought that then shortly after I sent in my ecu for a reflash. I haven’t ridden in a while but after the flashed ecu was installed, it has been popping...
  10. 05-06 GSX-R1000
    I’m installing 07 1000 camshaft for my 05 1000 head intake, where does the offset camshaft pin need to be pointed, the same as the busa or opposite
  11. 08-10 GSX-R600/750
    Alright guys, from everything I could gather online, given Im dumb, but I was under the impression that the calipers I bought would fit the caliper mounts on the 06/07 forks. But they dont. I bought both the forks and the calipers on ebay.. my question is who lied? the fork seller or the...
  12. 12 - 16 GSX-R1000
    Hello guys, i am new here, just wanted to ask which is the best performance exhaust systems for GSXR1000 2016. I have a Chinese cheap slip on Brocks and want to change it either with full system or original slip on. The bike ECU has been reflashed and i install sprint air filter and new spark...
  13. 05-06 GSX-R1000
    Soo one day i went to start my bike and it sounded finny. Like it was running 3 cylinders. I tested power/continuity/ ohms on everyting that has to so with the coils, spark plugs, etc. Ive also compression tested the "dead" cylinder. But when you max wrist the bike its almost like they all kick...
  14. 03-04 GSX-R1000
    Okay so not sure if anyone saw my last post but I ended up figuring out why my ODO was only reading CHEC with no FI light or anything with a solid Neutral light on. Ended up being my gear indicator sensor plugged into a wrong plug. this is a crashed K4 GSXR 1000 and I’ve been rebuilding it and...
  15. 03-04 GSX-R1000
    2004 GSXR 1000 Okay so I’m gonna start by saying the bike was crashed pretty hard and I’ve been slowly rebuilding it and today I got to the point where I could try and start it, but unfortunately when I went to start it, the dash still said CHEC. Fuel pump doesn’t prime or anything, just says...
  16. GSX-R1000 General Forum
    I have an 2003 gsxr1000. It has a knock. Is there any other year that is compatible for a swap into my bike?
  17. 12 - 16 GSX-R1000
    Can the wheels of a k7/k8 gsxr 1000 be used on the k9+ (2009-2016) shape 1000? Found a good deal on a set of magnesium racing wheels of a k8 and was wondering if they'd fit my 2012.
  18. 01-02 GSX-R1000
    Hey, I have a 2001 GSXR 1000 and I found a turbo kit from a 87 GSXR 1100 for a really good price, does anyone know if the header will fit on my bike and if not how much modification would have to be done?
  19. Appearance Products
    I was so excited to order fairings and they finally arrived. Love the color too! Unfortunately the front left fairing tab was broken, paint was missing on some areas, no clear coat on paint and no clear coat over the stickers to keep them from peeling off prematurely, tank cover looked very...
1-20 of 28 Results