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  1. 98 gsxr 600 idle/shut off issue

    SRADs (97-00 600 and 96-99 750)
    hey all, 14k miles, just got her a couple days ago. Problem with longer idles. It needs 1/2 throttle to start. The choke does not have any use (even in cold) it just stalls it (which makes me think the the cable could be unsynced with the chokes themselve..) any thoughts with that? voltage is...
  2. 2020 gsxr 750 shifting a little hard after I put new levers on, normal?

    11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    I recently put some ASV invention shortys on my bike. It seems like it started shifting a little harder in low gears. But I can't remember how stock felt. Does newer gsxrs shift smooth as butter or a little hard? Do I need to just adjust the clutch or is it A bad idea to have these on my bike...
  3. Need help with 07 GSXR 750 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

    Member Introductions (No bike related problems)
    Hey guys, I have a 2007 GSXR 750, ( in pics) and I have a problem as of lately.... I have a new battery... I made sure it was fully charged overnight with a smart charger....then i went for a ride today...about 20 min away, bike did wonderful.... Now I went to start it to leave and took forever...
  4. Indicator issues

    04-05 GSX-R600/750
    I have a K5 750 with aftermarket LED indicators, when indicating right both flash fast, when indicating left both are dim but normal speed and the tail brake light flashes with them. Is it worth getting 4 new indicators the same brand as front and back are currently different any advice would be...
  5. 2016 GSXR 750 moves forward when put into first with clutch pulled in.

    11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    Hi I am looking for suggestions of what to do with my 2016 GSXR 750, when I put it into gear from neutral it lurches forward and dies. When it is in gear I am not able to roll it back and forth with the clutch lever pulled in like normal. What should I do, I would greatly appreciate any help!
  6. Selling a Full Fairing Kit from

    '06/'07 GSX-R600/750 Classifieds
    I got this set for my 2007 GSX-R 750, but I never used it. It is brand new, never used. I paid almost $700 for everything. I am asking $400 This set is located in Denver, CO. If you are interested in getting it shipped, then you are responsible for paying for the shipping cost. The box is...
  7. GSXR 750 K1 Vibrations in 4th gear (normal or lethal)

    01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    Hello there, Just bought a GSXR 750 K1 with 19k myles on the clock. Very smooth in all gears but 4th and only after 5k rpm. Kept reading about GSXR clunky gearboxes and all kinds of other issues wonder if that sort of thing is normal? Vibrations are noticeable through handlebars and mostly...
  8. GSXR Keeps Dying

    06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Hey everyone, I have a 2007 GSXR 750 that I rebuilt from a minor wreck that happened back in December 2019. Recently, my bike has been losing power and then dying on the highway. I replaced the stator, rectifier/regulator(with OEM and I did a mulitmeter test on it. Stator was above 65 volts in...
  9. Is a 2003 Katana 600 motor swap to a 600/750 Gsxr motor hard?

    Tech Tips & Tricks
    Getting ripped off by a mechanic I was thinking of just swapping a motor myself. I want a gsxr Fuel injected motor but is it just a take the katana motor off and bolt the new on in? Or would I have to fabricate new motor mounts etc etc? thanks!
  10. For Sale: 1993 gsxr 750

    Oil Cooled Classifieds
    Hey gsxr enthusiasts I have a 93 gsxr 750 that recently got l rod knock. I am open to offers and trades. The bike is in Wilkes barre, PA Please contact me at [email protected] Or shoot me a text at
  11. 2011 gsxr 750 engine noise

    11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    Bought a 2011 750 this weekend and noticed some engine noise. Sounds like plastic scrapping on the left side of the bike. Doesn’t change when changing gears. Any insight? I used the search tab on the website and didn’t find any definitive answer. Have a video clip but can’t figure out how to...
  12. 07 GSXR 750 will not start

    06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Okay I tried just about everything and watched all the YouTube videos. Now I’m completely lost. My bike had gotten to the point where it would start 50% of the time. When it would not start you can just hear a click coming from the starter. Now the bike will not start at all. The starter...
  13. 2010 GSXR 750 Cranks but wont start after rectifier fix. Can't pull code in dealer mode

    GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum
    So ill try and keep this brief. About a month or two ago i was riding and my bike died on me completely and couldn't even be push started, took it home put jumper cables on it and nothing would happen. We chopped it up to a bad rectifier and brought it to the dealer for it to be replaced (under...
  14. Day in the mountains

    Day in the mountains

    A day in the mountains, full of twisties, good times, friends, and gixxers.
  15. K7 gsxr 750

    K7 gsxr 750

    2007 gsxr 600 frame with a 750 engine. 56k on the odo and about 17k on the new swapped motor.
  16. My Gixxer in Fall

  17. Electrical help needed

    GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum
    Hello people. I have a client who has a 1998 Suzuki gsxr 750. He has had a charging issue. I’ve replace the stator, rectifier and battery. At 3,000 + rpm I’m getting 14.5 volts. Yet after a full nights charge on a battery charger his bike is still dying when he’s out and about. Any suggestion...
  18. Dodge the sand/car.mp4

    Dodge the sand/car.mp4

    Tinted visors can be iffy and pcm v online maps are useless
  19. 03 GSXR 750 Start up issues

    01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    I have a 2003 GSXR 750 that will start to crank but will not turn over and idle. I have checked and replaced the injectors, air box, and battery. I took a look at some of the coil packs and they seemed to be in good condition. I haven't checked the spark plugs or the starter. The exhaust has...