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  1. Bike won’t start! Please help!

    01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    Hey everyone, I have a 02 Suzuki gsxr 600. It only has 5000 miles but it was sitting for about a year. I cleaned gas tank, fuel filter, fresh premium gas, spark plug were new 50 miles ago, pulled them and cleaned them and looks good, they all spark and plugs are good. I pulled the fuel injectors...
  2. K7/8 1000 cams set in k5/6 1000!! Results,Dyno,Gains!!

    05-06 GSX-R1000
    All you need to know about this Mod! I would like to share the best mod i've ever done with low cost! Gsxr 1000 k5 by ZIKOS DRAG TEAM, GREECE Dyno tests are on same dyno with 9 days gap from 1st test to 2nd! Dyno Before Mod Bone stock motor,head, etc.! (17/42T 530, full stainless steel...
  3. 2001 Gsxr 600 Stator keeps going bad.

    Hey, so I've had my 2001 GSXR 600 for over a year now. It has had a ton of problems, but I have been able to fix all but one. Since I got the bike there was this problem with the charging system. Every time you would ride for maybe a half hour or so the bike would die because the battery would...