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gsxr 600 cc
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  1. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    I was Riding With my buddies who also ride 600 when I noticed there bikes where running faster then mine where I was confused then when we came at a light a kid told us too rev our bikes each one by one all of there bikes where able too red line but mine it’s accelerated quick to 8 - 9k rpms and...
  2. F.A.Q.
    What’s up everyone I have a 2007 gsxr 600. I got the bike from my high school teacher that said the bike needed a fuel pump (the shop he took it too told him that) when I bought it I got a new pump and bike was still turning over fine but the cluster and everything was working normal. Finally...
  3. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Recently my high beam and headlight on my 07 GSXR 600 went out. I checked the fuses they were both blown! I Went and got new ones and as soon as I replaced them the new ones blew also! They were 10A fuses. I tried putting a 15A that one also blew! No clue on what to try or do next. Shoot me your...
  4. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Hey guys, I have a GSXR 2007/8, 600cc, with the check light on. I retrieved the dearler code -C00 (nothing wrong w/ the bike). Could the engine light be on just because it needs an oil change? Thanks,
1-4 of 4 Results