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  1. 11 - Present GSX-R600/750
    in advance sorry for spelling errors I need bike help 2018 gsxr 600 bone stock Yesterday I planned on riding all day. early in the morning I went on a speed run and the bike ran perfect every gear. Went home and ate and went back out…that’s when the trouble happened. Every gear if I twist the...
  2. 01-03 600 and 00-03 750
    Hey guys i got my first gsxr today, and the thing needs some work. It has no spark at all, previous guy changed coils, spark plugs, ecu, rectifier,stator. It throws c24, c25, c26 and c27 codes. It cranks over good and i checked over all the connectors that i could see. Do you guys recommend...
  3. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    I was Riding With my buddies who also ride 600 when I noticed there bikes where running faster then mine where I was confused then when we came at a light a kid told us too rev our bikes each one by one all of there bikes where able too red line but mine it’s accelerated quick to 8 - 9k rpms and...
  4. F.A.Q.
    What’s up everyone I have a 2007 gsxr 600. I got the bike from my high school teacher that said the bike needed a fuel pump (the shop he took it too told him that) when I bought it I got a new pump and bike was still turning over fine but the cluster and everything was working normal. Finally...
  5. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Recently my high beam and headlight on my 07 GSXR 600 went out. I checked the fuses they were both blown! I Went and got new ones and as soon as I replaced them the new ones blew also! They were 10A fuses. I tried putting a 15A that one also blew! No clue on what to try or do next. Shoot me your...
  6. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Hey guys, I have a GSXR 2007/8, 600cc, with the check light on. I retrieved the dearler code -C00 (nothing wrong w/ the bike). Could the engine light be on just because it needs an oil change? Thanks,
1-6 of 6 Results