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  1. K7 GSXR 1000 Injector/injector rail leak.

    07-08 GSX-R1000
    Hey y’all, I’m kind of new to this forum and just wanted to say thanks in advance for the wealth of knowledge everyone on here has been able to provide. Here’s the problem: Just bought a k7 Gsxr 1000 last night. 16k miles, full yoshimura exhaust. When I turn the bike on and prime the fuel...
  2. Gsxr 2011 mirror nut cover news
    Hello guys I need 2011 gsxr 1000 mirror nut cover ...I'm finding hard to buy this part in india suzuki shwroom can u guys help me out Here is my email id [email protected] My what's app number+918050982414 Plz help me out for this part it's my request
  3. 06 gsxr wont start *ignore this one*

    05-06 GSX-R1000
    I just bought a 06 GSXR 1000. It worked for the first few weeks that I had it now it won't start. The oil light stays on even though I changed it. I checked all the fuses, the fuel pump relay, and the fuel pump itself. I don't know what the problem is or even where to start now that I've checked...
  4. GSXR 1000 Rear Passenger Footrests and Bracket

    Lets Get Dirty
    I recently bought a 2002 GSXR 1000 but it didn't come with passenger pegs or footrests/brackets at all and can't seem to find any at all online besides backordered ones on OEM parts websites which will cost $330 for both sides. Anyone know if other years of other GSXRs will fit such as 600 or...
  5. Pre-owned K2 with a black frame?

    01-02 GSX-R1000
    Hi there :) I am new to the forum, hopefully the first of many posts. I recently sold my 2007 SV1000S and in the market for an early 2000's GSX-R. I have found the below 2003 registered GSX-R which looks to me like a K2 but it has a black frame, is this common place? From my knowledge...
  6. Service manual anyone?

    12 - 16 GSX-R1000
    (2013 GSX-R1000) So I have the user manual which is vague information. I need specific torque specs and such and to my surprise there is no way of finding that online for free of course. I may or may not have the bike for a long period of time but i do choose to do the work correctly on it...
  7. 2011 gsxr 1000 engine in cross kart ??

    Mods & How To's
    Just picked up a 2011 Gsxr 1000 engine with 2,600 miles on it for our buggy/ cross kart project. We our trying to figure out a few electrical related questions....... We bought as many parts as we could that wasn't destroyed from the wrecked bike, but the ignition and key were gone as well as...
  8. G'day, Just joined and thought a couple of pics of my Gixxer might be nice.

    Member Introductions (No bike related problems)
  9. GSXR 1000 2018 - Splutter Problem

    GSX-R1000 General Forum
    Hi All On my GSXR 1000 2018, at about 10 000 RPM, the bike does not pull through the revs? It splutters there , if i drop the revs a bit and open the throttle again, the bike pulls fine until it hits that limit (about 10 000 RPM) again? No matter what gear the Suzi is in she does the about...
  10. 1987 GSXR 1100 header on 01 GSXR 1000?

    01-02 GSX-R1000
    Hey, I have a 2001 GSXR 1000 and I found a turbo kit from a 87 GSXR 1100 for a really good price, does anyone know if the header will fit on my bike and if not how much modification would have to be done?