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  1. General Bike Talk
    Hello all and thank you for reading/ trying to help me with this problem. Recently my k6 gsxr 600 has started having the problem where a fireball will shoot out the back and then the f1 light will come on, tonight I decided to put it in dealer mode and find out the code and c34 came up. When I...
  2. Other Suzuki Forums
    I just bought a 2018 gsx250r with 1228 miles im trying to find the dealer mode plug everyone says it under the back seat or by the battery I've took off all the plastic to the rear and removed battery and battery tray still nothing I can't seem to find It but again everyone says it's right there...
  3. General Bike Talk
    I recently bought 2018 gsx250r and I can not find the dealer mode switch I've taking off the seat and all plastic by the seat and still can't find it everyone says it's right there I can't find it to save my life it turns over just no start
  4. General Bike Talk
    Hey everyone, Bought a k7 750. F1 light is on like everyone else. The bike has no cat and aftermarket exhaust. Ran for about a couple of km/miles then it started studdering. Thought it was the rec but check and wasnt popped. Checked for codes by using the safety pin in white clip and shows C00...
  5. 06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Hey guys, i'm totally new to this site so hopefully i will receive some answers to my question(s). so first here is what i did. 1. changed spark plugs removed NGK plugs and replaced with NGK Extreme Iridium plugs 2. cleaned an reoiled my K&N Air filter 3. changed the oil and filter. Filter...
1-6 of 6 Results