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  1. New bike owner, VETS help me out!

    06-07 GSX-R600/750
    Hey everybody just joined the forums! I had just purchased a 2007 GSXR 600. It has 15k miles on it no rust no scratches garage kept bike seems to be in great condition. The previous owner said he hadn't rode it in about 2-3 seasons. I bought it took it home and rode it, it rode flawlessly and...
  2. 2007 Suzuki gsxr600 starting issues.

    06-07 GSX-R600/750
    I recently purchased a 2007 gsxr600. I'm familiar with gixxers I've had them since I was 18 but never a 600. The guy I purchased it from said he heard a knock he thought so automatically replaced the timing chain it crunk up rode it down the driveway and cut it off. Later it never would crank I...
  3. No electricity

    05-06 GSX-R1000
    Hi, guys, I bought a GSXR 1000 K6 after accident, doesn’t look really bad so thinking to repair.To start with I have checked battery which is alive 12,7 with voltmeter. I checked fuses all ok, except main 30 in starter, changed that. Have to original keys, they go into lock and key works. But...
  4. 2010 GSXR 750 Cranks but wont start after rectifier fix. Can't pull code in dealer mode

    GSX-R600/GSX-R750 General forum
    So ill try and keep this brief. About a month or two ago i was riding and my bike died on me completely and couldn't even be push started, took it home put jumper cables on it and nothing would happen. We chopped it up to a bad rectifier and brought it to the dealer for it to be replaced (under...
  5. Bike switches off when hitting a pothole

    08-10 GSX-R600/750
    Dear all, I'm italian, therefore i apologize for my english, but i'm writing on this fourm since i hope to find a solution to my problem. I'm struggling to understand the reason why, when riding my bike, if i hit a pothole, it looks like it suddenly switches off, or, anyway, the bike performs...
  6. Fuel Pump relay throwing FI code

    06-07 GSX-R600/750
    I have a 2007 GSXR600, I bought this bike used and I was having issues with the fuel pump relay throwing the code multiple times while riding, causing me to lift up the gas tank and move the wires around. Since I keep having this issue I pulled the relay and cables off of the stock hanger and I...